Fantastic Fungi in the Woods at Lyndale, Skye


Fantastic Fungi in the Woods at Lyndale

Bracket Fungi, growing on one of the trees in the woods here Lyndale.  It’s one of several species that grow here.  It’s a shame they’re not edible, as they grow very readily here  The conditions here are good for  species such as Ceps, Chanterelle and other edible fungi too.  Many species grow in the damp and shaded areas in the woods here on Skye, but elsewhere on the mainland other edible species  can also be found out in the open in fields and meadows, as well as those growing in the woods.  Identifying species can be difficult, and a number of  species seem exactly like each other. Always make sure you have a good book on identification with you when foraging for edible species. Or better still, take an expert with you.