Flora & Fauna

The Lyndale woods, garden and shore abound with wildlife due to the microclimate of the walled garden, the cover of the woods which are unusual for north Skye and the sheltered shoreline.

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The walk through the trees down the driveway will reveal ancient lichens,ferns and mosses some not found anywhere else, wild flowers, perhaps trout in a small pool in the burn if the visiting otter hasn’t been there first.

A small herd of roe deer have made the woods their home, birdsong is everywhere.

With ever-changing views across the Minch to the Outer Hebrides the shore is home to a large variety of seabirds, some resident and others migrating through. Fishing off the rocks is a relaxing way to spend the afternoon; you will be watched by inquisitive seals and look out for the furtive otters.

Not all the wildlife is always welcome such as the moles originally introduced to Skye in 1903 here at Lyndale, there are various theories as to the reason for their introduction such as ‘for drainage’ or ‘to bring up grit for the pheasant’ – we are yet to be convinced but have learned to live with them.