Visitor Comments

The Best Bit

“The best bit was coming back ‘home’ and chilling out round here.” Paul and Rebecca, Surrey.

Wonderous Dwelling

‘I’ve booked a cottage on the Isle of Skye, it sounds really nice…’ This has to be the understatement of this year. What a wondrous dwelling this is. I was constantly struggling with the dilemma of staying in the cottage and soaking up the ambience or getting my walking boots on and ‘exploring’ the ambience of Skye.” Liz, Ann and Mum, Edinburgh and Nottinghamshire.

Get Restored

“This place felt as far away from our day-to-day lives as it is in miles. We feel restored by its quietness and beauty.” Henry and Wendy, Cheshire.

A Very Special Place

“Thank you for you helpful yet discreet presence and for all the love that has gone into making this place very special indeed.” Christie and Florian, Germany.

A Slice of Paradise

“You have found your own slice of paradise.” Simon and Rita, Leicestershire.

Tell us about your stay

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