Roulette is one of the oldest games of chance in the world, and mathematicians and gamblers alike have been wondering for centuries whether there is a roulette strategy capable of beating the system of the game. We have looked at and evaluated the most popular and best roulette strategies. Here you’ll find useful information and instructions on each roulette system, as well as which strategy to use safely and which to keep your hands off.

Roulette Strategies: What to expect and what not to expect

Many gamblers from Germany are looking for an optimal roulette system that guarantees guaranteed winnings and makes them rich with roulette. If you are one of these players, we have to disappoint you: The perfect roulette system does not exist!

Over the years, hundreds of gamblers and mathematicians have explored the game of roulette with different approaches and tried to decipher the game principle, which is based on complex probability calculations, in order to optimize the chances of winning.

But apart from watching the roulette wheel, where you can observe the game and find out which numbers are favored by any unevenness and errors of the roulette wheel and therefore fall more often than others, there is no strategy that gives you certain winnings. Even the pot errors or the analysis of the croupier’s roll strength are unreliable and only work in exceptional cases.

Try your roulette strategy for free

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The most important roulette systems at a glance


The Martingale strategy is probably the most famous roulette system and promises the player guaranteed winnings with no risk of loss. With this system, you bet on single chances and try to double your bets to make up for your losses.


  • Betting on Single Chances
  • After a loss, double the amount bet
  • If you win, you keep the prize and start again with your basic bet.

Instructions and example:

The Martingale strategy is based on the assumption that a payout of 1:1 for single chances will simply secure you a win equal to your base bet by compensating for the losses you have suffered with a doubling trick.

For example, if you bet 10 Euros on red and a red number falls, you win 10 Euros. If black falls, you lose your 10 Euros. Now Martingale comes into play. If you bet 20 euros on red or black in the next round, you will get 40 euros back if you win.

In both rounds you only bet 30 Euro and you still win 10 Euro. If you lose a second time in a row, you must now bet 40 Euros in the third round. In total, you bet 70 Euro (10+20+40) and get 80 Euro back. Your winnings will again amount to 10 Euro.


Like Martingale, Paroli Strategy is a progressive betting system where you have to adjust your bets according to loss or win. The Paroli system tries to exploit the weakness in the Martingale theory and thereby create an advantage for the player.


  • Bet on Easy Chances
  • Choose a basic stake
  • After each success, leave the bet and win on the table.
  • If you win several times in a row, you will accumulate a large winning amount.

Instructions and example:

Basically, the Paroli strategy works just like the Martingale system, with the difference that you double your bet when you win. So with a relatively small basic bet and a good run, you can grab big winnings.

So let’s say you’ve opted for a basic bet of 10 Euros. Bet it on a Simple Chance. If you lose, the 10 Euros go to the casino and you start a new round. If you’re right, you get 10 Euros as a win, so you now have 20 Euros on the table. You then bet them on an Easy Chance again.

If you win, you have 40 Euros at your disposal and quadrupled your stake of 10 Euros in just two rounds. If you’re lucky a third time, you’ve already won 80 Euros and thus 70 Euros. You can continue to play this game until your winnings are big enough to pay it out, or until you lose and your accumulated winnings go to the casino.

The Paroli strategy is particularly low risk and therefore we can recommend this roulette system to you without reservations. You only play for your relatively small basic stake and still have the chance to make big winnings of several hundred Euros with a good series of four or five hits in a row.

The weakness of this system is that you often have to play dozens of game passes before you get several wins in a row. Many players also fail to find the right time to declare the round over and secure their winnings.


The Parlay strategy is a betting system that is used not only in Roulette, but also in Blackjack or sports and horse betting. Similar to Paroli strategy, Parlay is a progressive betting system where your bets increase after you win. However, the Parlay Roulette system is based on securing a win once in a while to make sure you are in the black and avoid losses.


  • Before you start the game, determine a sequence of numbers (for example 1-2-2-4 )
  • Bet only on Easy Chances
  • Follow the sequence of numbers when you make a win, where 1 stands for one bet, 2 for two bets, etc.
  • If you lose, take a step back.
  • Once you have reached the end of the sequence, pay out the winnings and start again at the beginning.

Instructions and example:

With this method you can choose any sequence of numbers and use an aggressive or safe parlay system, depending on the method. However, particularly safe systems with many intermediate levels require a lot of patience and you often need hours to reach the end of the sequence.

For beginners, a number series such as 1-2-2-4 is recommended, which can be played through quickly and offers a manageable risk. You should always adjust the amount of a stake to your total budget, but for our example we choose 10 Euros to make the calculation a bit easier.

So you start with a 10 Euro stake and bet it on a Simple Chance. If you are right, you will receive a payout of 20 Euros. Now you slide one number further on your row of numbers, so you bet 20 Euros in the next game, which is your original bet and the win from the previous game.

If you win again, you receive 40 Euros and advance to the second 2 of your row. This means that you now bet 20 Euros again. So you can put 20 Euros on the side as a win (10 Euros net win) and still have 20 Euros in play. If you win again, you reach the 4 and leave the whole 40 Euros. If you lose now, go back one step in the row to the left.

Now you have to spend 20 Euro of your own credit again and the total bet is -10 Euro. If you fail again, you will slip back to the first 2 and you will be at -30 Euro. But if you win three times in a row and play the numbers to the end, you will get a total of 100 Euro, which gives you a plus of 70 Euro.

If you decide on a well-considered series of numbers and a basic bet in perfect height, the Parlay system is a very good choice to play safe and with good chances of winning roulette.

This roulette strategy is particularly suitable for beginners, as it does not require much experience and in a certain way relieves you of all decisions if you strictly adhere to your game plan and the given sequence of numbers. Of course, this system also has its weaknesses and if your bet is placed several times in a row, it will be difficult to make an attractive profit even if you reach the end of the line.